Speaking & Training

Whether it’s a law firm attorney retreat; an associate meeting; or an industry luncheon hosted by an organization, association or law firm, Melissa Hoff can present on a range of topics that are relevant to the legal community. Law firms are grappling with a host of issues that not only effect morale, but also strike at the heart of service delivery, which impacts the firm’s bottom line. Below are some topics to consider—or call Melissa and create your own agenda.
  • The Five Pillars of Professional Services Marketing: This presentation focuses on the core areas of law firm marketing and provides clear examples of how specific activities do (or don’t!) contribute to the success of a comprehensive marketing and business development program.
  • Top 10 Themes from Client Service Interviews: Meeting and exceeding the needs of clients is one of the most important ways attorneys can build their book of business and generate new referrals. Most attorneys think they are delivering great service—and many are. But after conducting dozens of client service interviews with in-house legal counsel in a range of industries, there are lots of pitfalls and blind spots. Learn what clients have to say about their legal counsel.
  • Crucial Client Conversations: Do you (or the attorneys at your firm) have trouble turning a personal conversation into a professional interaction? Is the firm trying to create a culture of cross-selling, but attorneys aren’t sure how to make introductions and educate them about other services? How can attorneys learn what clients expect and gauge their satisfaction after the conclusion of an important legal matter? This presentation explores techniques for these crucial conversations, including tip sheets and specific examples.
  • Lateral Integration Strategies: Many law firms are in growth mode and are looking for individual attorneys and practice groups to bring into the fold. But once the courting process is over and the papers are signed, what happens in the first 30 to 90 days? Poor integration of laterals is expensive, disruptive—and commonplace. This presentation identifies strategies and best practices for onboarding and integration. Hint: It starts before the new attorney steps foot in the office.
  • Strategies for Mentors and Mentees: One of the main reasons associates cite for leaving their law firm and moving, either to another firm or to an in-house position, is the absence of a mentor. Yet many firms believe they have a system in place to encourage senior lawyers to invest in junior attorneys and help “bring them up.” This presentation talks about building a plan that works, including a discussion of what it means to be a good mentor—and a good mentee.
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