Marketing Services

Many firms engaging in a special project or initiative find that they need specialized expertise to ensure success.

  • Branding and Corporate Identity Programs: Whether your firm is starting from scratch or refreshing an existing look and feel, MBH Strategies has the expertise to see the project through to completion. By teaming with strategic partners who specialize in graphic design, advertising and technology platforms for websites and blogs, Melissa Hoff can identify milestones and keep the project on track.
  • Winner of the Legal Marketing Association’s Your Honor Award for Best Corporate Identity Program in 2003 on behalf of Garvey Schubert Barer
  • Cross-Selling and Client/Project Team Programs: All law firms know that one of the best ways to develop new business is by cross-selling other legal services with existing clients. But this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Multi-disciplinary client teams have proven to be one of the more effective tools for institutionalizing cross selling—and for delivering the highest level of service to clients. Firms are also seeing success with targeted project teams consisting of attorneys from different practices and industries to target a specific type of work. Creating client and project teams and developing an action plan is an excellent way to kick-start a business development initiative outside the scope of traditional practice group marketing.
  • Client Service Interviews: By reaching out to clients to get an in-depth understanding of their experience with the firm—and with some of your competitors—firms can demonstrate not only a commitment to client service but are also armed with valuable information to inform strategic planning, branding and visibility initiatives and to provide the bespoke service clients are demanding. Using a consultant to conduct the interviews ensures that the firm will receive candid and honest feedback. Alternatively, Melissa can work with members of your firm to train them to conduct interviews, including developing an interview guide, preparing for the meeting, and most importantly, following up on the feedback received.
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